Splay-Legged Cockatiel Chick

Amber is a Cockatiel chick whose mom sat too tightly in the nestbox and continued to push away the pine shavings.  Her human mom had never seen splay legs in a tiel chick and didn't realize Amber was splay legged until she was almost 1 month old.  

A series of exercises were implemented and a vet check was done. Amber did not require "hobbling" as per the vet after the improvement following these exercises.  Amber can fly and land, perch and socialize with the other cockatiel babies. 

At 2 days old:

At 2 days old with sister who is 2 days older:

Splay8.JPG (46590 bytes)

At 2 1/2 weeks old:

At 1 month old following exercises to stretch and strenghten her legs:

Perching on Playgym:


      More to come as Amber develops further and uses her legs more and more. She is a rather determined little baby. 

Update 3/7/03:
      Amber became quite an adept flyer and a complete sweetie. Take offs, landings and perching were no problem for her.  She often could be found exercising her legs while holding onto a perch and flapping - lifting up and down as we did in the beginning. She also loved to stretch and hang upside-down. She helped train and socialize cinnamon babies from a clutch with different parents. 

       I recently placed Amber in the home of a very good friend and her family. She is well-loved and is doing great!

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Updated 4/21/03


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