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Saturday, February 24, 2018
Care Weaning

Hand Feeding

Our babies cannot join their new human companions until they are fully weaned. Proper weaning is essential for the physical and psychological well-being of your new pet cockatiel. They must be capable of eating and drinking on their own for two weeks while maintaining their weights or gaining. They usually gain weight during this time.

Our birds typically wean between 7 - 10 weeks of age. They wean as they are ready and not because we have a particular timetable for them. This prevents weaning regression. Sending an unweaned bird home with someone is extremely unfair to and unhealthy for the baby bird. It also creates much tension and frustration for the new human companions.

If you take home a baby cockatiel that makes a static sound and bobs it's head up and down, you may have a bird that is not fully weaned or has regressed. We have had two experiences with weaning regression. One in which the new home did not inform us and in the second the baby was transported back to us in a snow storm. The first one died and the second one was carefully weaned once again, matured and was returned to her loving home. Should you have an unweaned bird or a bird that has regressed, you need to contact the person you got the bird from or your avian veterinarian as soon as possible. I encourage anyone who purchases a bird from us to contact us if they hear that sound. We will gladly address whatever issues and return the bird to their new home.

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