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Saturday, February 24, 2018
And More About Us

Sam and Max

For the Love of Birds is my small hobby/business. I am assisted by my dear husband Dave and our 20-year-old son Michael, when he is home from college. We live in Central Maine and enjoy sharing our home with these feathered wonders.

My love of birds started when I was five years old. I had won a parakeet (budgie) at a fair while attending day camp. We were unable to keep it due to my father's asthma and allergies. Thankfully my dear Aunt kept him for many years and gave him a loving home.

Toby and Jessie

While in graduate school I had two female budgies, Max & Sam, that I adored. When I settled down and had a child, my father gave me my first cockatiel. We had Toby and Jessie for many years. Then, we took in two pre-owned tiels needing a good home.

We got the "boys" Harry and Hedwig about 12 years ago. Breeding and a home filled with birds soon followed. We enjoy sharing our love of birds with others. I can't believe all the wonderful people we have met as a result of our tiels.

We have also taken in a few different species of birds that have been passed along/abused/neglected. This has been a very rewarding aspect of our commitment to birds. We have used this experience to better socialize, wean, and provide an excellent diet - so that our birds do not end up like some we have taken in. We have also tried to support others who have difficulties with their "pre-owned" tiels.

We got involved in helping others who have lost or found a pet bird, which was particularly rewarding since each time the bird was found.

As a family, we have been very committed to helping pet birds and their human companions enjoy a better life together.

Hugs to all,