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Saturday, February 24, 2018
Care Diet

Glop & Veggies

Their diet consists of an excellent triple cleaned seed mix by Higgins Vita Seed Diet,  Zupreem Natural Pellets Zupreem Fruitblend PelletsRoudybush Pellets, a soft food mixture (includes pasta, quiona, brown rice, barley, bulgur wheat,  wheat germ, mixed veggies, cooked mixed beans, ground broccoli & carrots, brewer's yeast, untoasted wheat germ, mashed boiled egg and shell, and any other good stuff available), Homemade Birdie Bread (with lots of healthy and yummy stuff), chopped broccoli, kale, carrots, apples, banana, and other fruits and veggies. See Recipes.

Higgins, Zupreem, and Roudybush products along with other excellent bird supplies may be purchased through Bird Supply of New Hampshire. Be sure to thoroughly check their online catalog. Their Exotic Bird Specialty Shop is located at 522 Amherst St in Nashua NH.  They also offer shipping (whew - thank goodness).  Be sure to let them know that "Ellen in Maine" sent you!

Our goal for them is to have a healthy diet, and for the babies to recognize all possible foods as edible. This helps to aid in their adjustment when they go to their new home.

When our babies leave to go to their new homes, we provide a bag of small bag of seed and pellets to help make the transition.   This prevents birds from having to adjust to a new environment and new foods.

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