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Parrot Humor, Pet Birds, Wild Birds, and more from several different countries. These are real day brighteners and guaranteed to  put a smile on your face!  We are adding new ones all the time, so be sure to check back frequently. We also have included links to more Pet Bird humor and more fun stuff. We all need to smile more!!!

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Pet Birds 2004 (arranged chronologically):

Thumbnail Title Author & Photographer Species Date
One,Two...? by Skybird Green Cheek Conures and Moustache Parakeet 1/6/2004
Rockey & Tweety 4: Tweety's New House..... by Beth & Fids Cockatiel & Budgie 1/9/2004
Yuki's Bath time! by Skybird Green Cheek Conure 1/10/2004
Hand Over the Peas... by Jo Gall Cockatiel 1/14/2004
Hey Peanut....Whatcha Got there? (dial up beware) by Vivian Cockatiels 1/15/2004
How to bathe in an inch of water by Satibape Rainbow Lorikeets 1/21/2004
Rockey & Tweety 5:  Rockey, where are you??? by Beth & Fids Cockatiel & Budgie 3/22/2004
Ever have a day like this.... by Harvest Cockatiels 4/8/2004
Have you ever had a day like this:
Tanzy's Flight
by Harvest Cockatiel 4/23/2004
Rocky's New Shoes by Michael & Rocky Umbrella Cockatoo 9/13/2004
Is it sleepy time yet? by Harvest Red Throated Conure 10/2/2004
Nope. No toys, no treats, no extra kisses or skritches either. by Harvest Red Throated Conure 10/2/2004
Speaking of bad hair days... by Harvest's Buttons Cockatiel 10/3/2004
Rocky's Bath Time! by Michael & Rocky Umbrella Cockatoo 11/1/2004

Pet Birds 2002 - 2003

Fun Photo Essays & More - Part 2 

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