Serena's Garden of 
Clay Creations

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A tribute to the whimsical clay sculptures Serena Beeton created.
Serena will live on forever in our hearts and through the
sculptures she lovingly shared with us all.
Enjoy the three slide shows below!

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The house had become oppressive and I decided to take a walk
Down to the stream by the garden where God and I could talk

I always feel His presence there surrounded by living things 
Where flowers bloom, water streams and the joy of nature rings

As I walked along the carpet of grass I raised my head to the sky
With tears streaming down I looked above and simply asked God “why”

Why did you take Serena she was so young and full of life
She hadn’t had time to marry nor have children nor be a happy wife

Oh, what a great mother she would have been to her own dear little child
So loving to all You entrusted to her, so tender to all and so mild

I paused on my walk to watch as a butterfly emerged from its chrysalis
It seemed as if I was told to watch, this was something I should not miss

The butterfly paused in the noonday sun just long enough for its wings to dry
Then bounded upward in it’s maiden flight soaring into the clear blue sky

Suddenly I knew what I was supposed to see, I knew without a doubt
Serena is not dead and gone, she has shed her cocoon and is all about

Then I swear I heard an impish giggle and I looked all around to see
Who was enjoying this garden and who walked on this path with me

I looked everywhere and no one was seen then I heard the sound again
This time I looked up into the sky and saw a rainbow without any rain

And as I stared at the majestic sight I heard the giggle and looked high above
I could not believe what my eyes were seeing, my heart was racing with such love

High above the rainbow I saw Serena laughing and looking down at me
“Come, she said I have something for you, for now you have begun to see”

I walked over to the end of the rainbow and sliding down that magnificent light
Serena’s little birds were raining down and I gasped and laughed at the sight

There were greys and lutinos and pearls on the wing and sennies and toos all sliding down
I laughed so hard I could barely gather them up, then I looked and she sent down a clown

“Oh, Serena, we miss you so much, please tell me you’re happy and please give me a word”
“For your parents who love you and all of your friends, are you happy in heaven and is there a bird”

“Called Willow, dear Willow, and is he walking on legs that are straight and strong”
“Oh yes, dear friend, don’t ever think heaven is a myth, for that thinking is all wrong”

“I live in a city of perpetual light with streets made of purest gold”
“It is far more perfect than you could imagine or what we have been told”

“I am in a perfect garden where roses never die and birds sing day and night”
“Songs I’ve never heard before and they are clothed in a heavenly light”

“Please tell my parents not to grieve that all we have been taught is true”
“Believe in your hearts and keep looking above as I’m sending my love to you”

“On the wings of a bird, the soft petal of a rose, in the wind that blows through the tree”
“Or when you see a rainbow and hear a little giggle, look a little closer, it could be”

Serena’s Garden growing…… 

Juanita © April 14, 2003
Written for my beloved friend, Serena
May not be reproduced without permission from the author


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Life is a gift with beginning and end
It’s secret contained in how we will spend

Our time here on earth whether happy or sad
Is here in our hearts be it good or bad

What do we choose, how should we feel
As life ever changes and with pain we must deal

Do we turn bitter and blame everyone
When our hearts are broken with no place to run

Or do we accept both the joy and the pain
Of losses and loves and experience gain

Do we harden our hearts and refuse to care
Or accept our trials and others burdens to share

Whether our time here is short or be it long
Life should be both weak and strong

As we are forged by the Master’s Hand
Into a vessel that is worthy to stand

Tall and proud and able to say
I changed a life as I walked this way

My footsteps will fade and time will forget
But the good I have left I’ll never regret

For life is a gift with beginning and end
It’s gift is contained in the time we will spend.

Juanita © July 2001

May not be reproduced without permission from the author


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Even as I beam with pride
I sadly realize,
the loving hands
that gave me "life"
No longer will caress
my simple form.

And the joy that I will bring
to one who holds me now,
cannot compare
to the love she shared-
so genuine
so rare.

So I must represent
and try to be,
what she wanted
you to see in me-
A bit of her heart
created just for you
her love lives on
simple and true.

JSB/04-17-03 © (Jan in MD) 

May not be reproduced without permission from the author

THE SCULPTURE I felt myself being rolled and squeezed
Then pinched and prodded until I sneezed

Part of me was flattened and rounded
Then, oh my gosh, I was even pounded

When at last I thought she was through
I felt something wet all over and knew
I wouldn’t survive what was happening to me
Then I was thrown in an oven for all to see

At last the oven door was opened wide
And she pulled me free and I was outside

Ah, she said, at last you’ve become a perfect bird
And placed me in front of her mirror without a word

I am no longer just a lump of clay as now I can proudly stand
Now I'm a beautifully painted bird formed by Serena’s own hand.

Juanita ©

May not be reproduced without permission from the author

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Special thank you to Brenda & Dennis Beeton, Serena's parents, for providing photos of Serena's clay sculptures.
Thanks also to those who were personally willing to share the photos of their clay sculptures with us.
And as always - Thank you Juanita for sharing your beautiful, inspiring and uplifting poetry with us!

And thanks so much Jan in MD for sharing your poem and making flowers happen!

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