One Year Anniversary Tribute to Serena Beeton & Eric Lashbaugh

We will always love you!!!


We come together to remember this day
The day our dear Serena and Eric went away

There are no tears left within me to fall
I’ve grieved for you, I’ve cried them all

Today, I wish to remember, what you gave
Precious memories I wish to savor and save

The very first day Serena and Eric met
Serena came to look at puppies, just a baby yet

But though she was just twelve and Eric fifteen
A friendship began and in a few years was seen

Love grow between them with plans that some day
Marriage would happen and forever they would stay

Together, as always, not long out of sight
Of one another, even after having a fight

Serena so shy and yet, she could be so very strong
When confronted with what she knew to be wrong

She was working at her last job to buy her beloved ‘Too
Eric buying the other one and he would stay with you

How you worried over little Sugar each time she wasn’t well
You would come online seeking advice and hoped we could tell

You that she’d be just fine or if you needed to see the vet
The agony you suffered when losing Willow, I’ll never forget

I remember the story of how your cat came to live with you
Of the neighbors who moved away and left him, but you knew

He had a home at your house, you couldn’t turn him away
And the times you shared how each bird came to stay

I remember so well the night you told us Eric gave you the ring
I could feel your happiness bubbling, I could hear your heart sing

I was privileged to come to know Eric through his mother’s eyes
Shared with me through a broken heart and her piteous cries

He was the son of her heart and soul, the one who thought to care
Of his mother’s needs and how to help, and all his love to share

He gave her strength when she was weak and loaned his strong arm
While he lived, she never feared, that she would come to harm

She shared the day he came to her and told of his love so deep
For his sweet Serena, and how he hoped they would always keep

A love as strong as they shared right then and may it never die
He could never deny his feelings for her, of this he could not lie

They were meant to be together and I’ve wondered about that day
Were they destined to leave together, was this God’s prescribed way

I do not know, only God could reveal, but I do know He honors love
And I believe with all my heart, they are together and happy above.

Serena and Eric knew all about love……

Juanita © April 6, 2004

May not be reproduced without permission from the author


My beloved, the son of my womb and heart
A year has passed since that fateful day
A year counted by minutes and seconds
A year since I realized it was time to part

There were times when bowed with grief I was sure
Eric, my beloved son, I could not live another day
My heart felt torn and ripped and my mind was blank
Unable to function at times from pain, seeking a cure

I was so surprised, sweet son, to find friends I never knew
Reached out to me and I began to see a light ahead
I could pour out the pain inside and they understood
For they had loved Serena, and loving her, they loved you

So many things have come and gone in this year
The first Thanksgiving and Christmas without you
Crying never seeming to end and yet, my son
I felt your presence, at times so strange, yet I felt you near

We have made so many trips to your resting place
Laying flowers down upon this holy ground of yours
Flowers for you and always one for your beloved
Knowing, that this is just a moment in time and space

Though separated beneath this soil of Virginia by miles
You have walked side-by-side with your Willow
Happy and whole and shining in the glory of the place
Slowly my heart is healing, my son, and sometime smiles

Creep once more across my face as I watch my grandchildren play
Knowing that they need me and into them I will pour out
All the love stored here inside my heart for you
Sure that you would wish me to share with them, but I pray

You know how very much your mother’s heart still misses you.

Written for Joann, a friend whom Eric and Serena sent
my way, and whom I have come to love deeply.

Juanita © April 6, 2004

May not be reproduced without permission from the author


Soon, Spring will be arriving once more
As the cycle of life replenishes itself
Buds will be emerging and bursting with life
And once again the pussy willows come alive

It is in the Spring I will always think of you
Among the rustling leaves of the pussy willow tree
Hiding among its branches, giggling as you pull a branch
Down across your face, hiding as your beloved Willow walks by

It was, of course, from the pussy willow he got his name
The serenity their rustling leaves gave to you
A memory, you never forgot, caught in time and space
Passed on to this little one you loved so well

It is in the Spring I will always think of you
Forever young and beautiful in heart and soul
It was in the Spring when you were called away
Just as life was bursting forth from a warming earth

I will be watching to catch a glimpse of you
If you venture close enough for my soul to grasp
The aura of your loveliness and the beating of
Willow’s wings always near to you for evermore

Will I find a flower placed upon a marker made by you
Or should I listen by the baby birds crying out to be fed
Perhaps in the flitting of a butterfly as it visits each blossom
Where, should I look, for a glimpse of lingering light
It is in the Spring I will always look for you
Heralding new beginnings for each of earth’s creatures
Will I know when you come this Spring to visit me
I shall be waiting, sweet Serena, among the pussy willow trees.

Juanita © In the Spring of 2004

May not be reproduced without permission from the author


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