I am still here, Mom, I have not gone away
Iím in the wind that blows on a stormy day

I am here in the early blooms of Spring
Iím in the many showers April is sure to bring

Iíll float over your head in the blue skies of May
If you listen, Mom, you will hear me whisper and say

The love you gave me all the years I had to live
Are with me still and you will feel the love I give

When you think of me, and all the things we shared
Through it all, the worst of times, I know you cared

You were there, by my side, when I was called away
And in your heart and mine, is where our love will stay

Donít weep for me but look for me in places ever new
I will be there upon the budding roses in the morning dew

Our bond of love does not end though my life on earth is done
Iíll be with you every day to warm your heart in the setting sun.

Donít weep for me, Mom.

For my special friend, Joann


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