One Year

Anniversary Tribute to

Cathy McNamara

January 1, 1950 - October 12, 2004






She walks here in the shadow lands of my heart and mind

Among those I have loved and who have gone before

Her sweet spirit gives comfort with each remembrance

She was a gift to us all, of a very special kind


She squeezed joy into each new day and gave so very much

Filling her days to the very brim as if each could be the last

Surrounding herself with God’s creatures great and small

They sensed the love she gave in every tender touch


Can it be that a year has passed since she went away

I feel her presence so very alive dwelling deep within

I miss you, Cathy, and I hope that somehow you know

My heart is remembering, your sweet spirit is here to stay.


Juanita – October 12, 2005 








True friends, are bound by an invisible cord

Though parted are still there in every heart

Circumstances change and sometimes a move

Yet the love and the care will never depart


We shared so much of who we are

You laid yourself bare in so many ways

You shared yourself for all to see

I remember so often those tender days


Yet, we were to find not all knew your soul

As you looked for a pathway that turned aside

Seeking, I suppose, someone who would see

You needed a refuge, where you could abide


And so you moved on, a new pathway to take

While your friends were left here to stay

I hope you know, Cathy, we are never far

Your pathway just veered on your walk that day.


We miss you, sweet friend.


Juanita – October 12, 2005






I wasn’t prepared to say goodbye to you

Perhaps somewhere deep inside I knew


But in the love and care I buried in my heart

I hadn’t planned on the day we would have to part


I took for granted that our days would go on forever

I pushed aside any thoughts that death would sever


Our days that love had warmed and snuggled deep inside

Assured that life would go on and we would abide


Sharing days together, how could I have imagined it any other way

Yet, suddenly you were gone, and we are left to stay


In this world without your special touch and your love to share

You were always there for us whenever we would have a care


Are you waiting there across the Rainbow Bridge high above

Waiting to welcome us home into the arms of your sweet love.


Remembering Cathy, one year ago today


Juanita – October 12, 2005


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Russ Docken, Artist
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