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My Sincere Condolences to Gerri's family and friends....

Gerri will be greatly missed. She was a dear gentle woman who was always so helpful to others on The message boards. My thoughts and prayers are with all her loved ones and dear friends who will miss her so much.

Betty Moon, Tiel Chat Advisor 3/3/04



I met Gerri on TAT a little over a year ago. She wrote me & introduced herself. I thought that was so sweet. From there our friendship evolved through weekly e-mails. Her favorite thing was to send Maxine Toons that always left a smile on my face. I don't think I ever heard her say a bad word about anyone & she always looked for the good in life & people. I remember when she first got Peaches & how excited she was that this baby tiel was so loving & cuddly. Just after that, she became sick & thought she had Bird Keepers Lung. She kept saying that she was always tired & couldn't seem to shake her illness. Well from there things escalated & got worse. We all know how the story ends & she will be so sadly missed. Words can't describe what a beautiful lady she was to me & everyone who had the privilege of knowing her. God bless you Gerri & I look forward to seeing you again.

Clare 3/3/04


Angels In Heaven

As there are angels on earth looking out for us there are angels in heaven waiting to greet us at the pearly gates. Ggmaw has been greeted by those heavenly angels & she is in our Lords gentle lands. Bless Ggmaw a kind gentle woman & bless her family.

Bonnie 3/4/04


Again We Lose Another Beautiful Soul

Although i personally didn't know you my beautiful birdie friend that held a perch on Tiel Chat/HOT....God bless you & may your kind & tender soul be among the Angels & may you be surrounded by beautiful birds to love & care for. You will be sadly missed.

Pat Urquhart 3/5/04



Gerri is no longer with us

Posted by Clare on 2/29/2004, 6:11 am

She died on Feb 19th. Ellen, if you would like to do a memorial for her, I will send you everything I know about her. Right now I'm a bit shook up even though I knew it was coming. I met her on TAT a little over a year ago & she was one of the sweetest people I have met online. She will be sadly missed. Clare

Oh my goodness!

Posted by Buffet Umbitoo on 2/29/2004, 6:55 am, in reply to "Gerri is no longer with us"

She will most certainly be very missed! At least now she is well and good, and maybe she can give the fids that have passed on a scritch or two from everybody. Be well yourself, Clare. You know we're here if you need us.

Re: Gerri is no longer with us

Posted by Esther in PA on 2/29/2004, 6:57 am, in reply to "Gerri is no longer with us"

Clare, I don't know what to say...I've been thinking about her and praying for her...I guess she's in a better place now.


I'm sure of it Esther!

Posted by Clare on 2/29/2004, 7:17 am, in reply to "Re: Gerri is no longer with us"

Gerri loved God very much & she wasn't afraid if dying because of this. Clare

that's heartbreaking!!! =o(

Posted by Andrea in NY on 2/29/2004, 9:04 am, in reply to "Gerri is no longer with us"

I feel awful... I hope she's truly on to a better place.


Clare - send me whatever you have

Posted by Ellen in Maine on 2/29/2004, 10:15 am, in reply to "Gerri is no longer with us"

as soon as you are able. I just can't believe how fast she went. I was just looking over old email from her. One in Nov was so full of hope. Are you in contact with her family? How and when did you find out?

I feel great sadness today as I realize that another wonderful woman and friend is gone from this world. I know she is in a better place - and hopefully she didn't suffer too much. But I thought she had at least 3 to 6 mos more. I hope all her family got to say goodbye. Do you know if her birds are OK? They must be so sad without their mom.

Take care and thanks for letting us know.


I don't know what to say...

Posted by Joy in NH on 2/29/2004, 10:29 am, in reply to "Gerri is no longer with us"

I'm so sad. I was hoping, selfishly I know, that she would be back with us before she passed. I've missed her uplifting spirit on the board greatly. She was such a sweet woman. I'm so thankful she was able to spend time with family, it looks from her album that she was blessed with a large, loving family with children, grandchildren and great grandchildren.

Thank you Clare for letting us know.

Be at peace, Gerri, you are deeply missed.

How sad!

Posted by Suzie on 2/29/2004, 10:35 am, in reply to "Gerri is no longer with us"

I remember seeing her posts, but I never really got to know her.
I will say a prayer for her family.


That is so sad; she will be missed

Posted by CathyM on 2/29/2004, 11:33 am, in reply to "Gerri is no longer with us"

Although I knew Gerri was terminally ill, I'm still stunned by how quickly she passed away. This is so very sad. We will miss her. I'm keeping her family in my thoughts and prayers.

What horribly sad news!!

Posted by Jen on 2/29/2004, 11:44 am, in reply to "Gerri is no longer with us"

She was so very sweet, and nice, and I enjoyed her posts so. It never seems fair, God always seems to call the wonderful ones home far to early.

My heart breaks for her family and friends....I know she will be very missed. I hope she has found a peace & love like no other when she passed over in the Lords arms.

OOh my..she was such a sweet dear Lady with so much...

Posted by kay & Topaz on 2/29/2004, 12:31 pm, in reply to "Gerri is no longer with us"

compassion and Love. i am Happy to have met her on these boards and thru emails but am so sad we didn't have more time to get to know her better. She is now with God helping tend His Heavenly Flock. God Blessed You Gerri with a Kind Loving Heart... Thank You for Sharing it with us. Love, Kay & Topaz

Re: Gerri is no longer with us

Posted by Lillian Brady on 2/29/2004, 12:35 pm, in reply to "Gerri is no longer with us"

I am in shock, she will be missed by all who knew her. Lillian Brady & Herbie

How incredibly sad. My condolences to all of

Posted by Carolyn & Opie on 2/29/2004, 1:09 pm, in reply to "Gerri is no longer with us"

you who were her friends and to her family. Hugs to all, Carolyn

Re: Gerri is no longer with us

Posted by Allison on 2/29/2004, 1:31 pm, in reply to "Gerri is no longer with us"

That is so sad. She will be missed.

I am so sad she is gone.

Posted by Harvest on 2/29/2004, 2:27 pm, in reply to "Gerri is no longer with us"

She will be greatly missed.

I have an email from her from January where even knowing what she faced, her biggest concerns were for her family. Her generous and loving and caring heart will be missed.

Re: Gerri is no longer with us

Posted by pat on 2/29/2004, 2:42 pm, in reply to "Gerri is no longer with us"

I didn't know Gerri either, but from all the nice post, she seems to have been well loved. My heart goes out to her family and friends.

OMG this is such a shock...

Posted by Beckie on 2/29/2004, 5:19 pm, in reply to "Gerri is no longer with us"

I knew she was very ill but didn't know quite how serious it was
I didn't know her very well but from her posts she seemed lovely.
I hope that she is free & happy wherever she is now.
Please give my prayers & thoughts to her family.
Clare, I have mailed you sweetie.

Re: Gerri is no longer with us

Posted by Midge on 2/29/2004, 5:50 pm, in reply to "Gerri is no longer with us"

God takes the good ones early, their pure spirits dont need to serve on this earth any more, dont grieve her passing, but celebrate knowing the person she was, be at peace Gerri, my love and thoughts for the big space she has left behind, Midge

Well said Midge!!!!! np

Posted by Clare on 2/29/2004, 5:55 pm, in reply to "Re: Gerri is no longer with us"

She will be missed ....

Posted by Cathy and the girls on 3/1/2004, 1:11 pm, in reply to "Well said Midge!!!!! np"

so sad. I'd like to offer my condolences and prayers to her family, loved ones and dear friends.
Cathy and the girls

Re: Gerri is no longer with us

Posted by JOANN on 3/4/2004, 2:58 am, in reply to "Gerri is no longer with us"





Photo of Gerri/ggmaw & album link

Posted by Ellen in Maine on 2/29/2004, 7:49 am

Gerri/ggmaw will be greatly missed. I thought I would share a photo I found of her and loved long before any of us knew she was sick. It is so sad, she thought she was sick with pneumonia and it turned out to be cancer. She knew she did not have much time left when she last wrote to me - but I had no idea how little.

Link: ggmaws Webshots album

Thanks for the picture

Posted by Jan in Md on 2/29/2004, 8:10 am, in reply to "Photo of Gerri/ggmaw & album link"

she will be missed.

thank you Ellen for posting that....

Posted by Tammy on 2/29/2004, 11:19 am, in reply to "Photo of Gerri/ggmaw & album link"

I remember her posts....she was a very very nice lady.......she will be missed

thanks Ellen

Posted by Midge on 2/29/2004, 6:01 pm, in reply to "Photo of Gerri/ggmaw & album link"

its good to see the face of the person whose posts we remember,i know she is fine now, i pray for her family, that they can get past the pain and sadness of loss,and find the smiles of memories soon, Midge

Ellen in regards to Gerri

Posted by Clare on 2/29/2004, 12:23 pm

We weren't as close as her friend Suzy Ray & she were. Suzy is also a TAT member & lives in Australia. She e-mailed me this morning w/ the news. I wrote down the things I knew about Gerri & am waiting for Suzy to E me the rest along w/ details of her death. I'll send it to you when I get it. I'll bet Gerri is chatting away right now w/ Serena! Clare

Do you think her family

Posted by Ellen in Maine on 2/29/2004, 12:28 pm, in reply to "Ellen in regards to Gerri"

would want to contribute anything to this memorial page? I know they look like a loving bunch and I don't want to intrude on their grief in any way. Even just to be able to contact them with the link to the page when it is done.


I'm sure they would love it!

Posted by Clare on 2/29/2004, 12:37 pm, in reply to "Do you think her family"

You are so kind Ellen & I'll be sure to get the info from Suzy. I'm sure she must have an address for her. Clare

You can give Suzy my email address

Posted by Ellen in Maine on 2/29/2004, 1:04 pm, in reply to "I'm sure they would love it!"

My Heart Breaks for Gerri

Posted by Jo Gall on 3/1/2004, 8:31 am

I have known for quite awhile what her situation was but it wasn't my place to share it at the time. Gerri and I had gotten to be very close friends, first on TAT and then here and with Clare and Chris. Gerri and I chatted almost every day for months and then on January 22nd I got the following e-mail. I cried my eyes out and she told me to be strong. Can you believe it. Gerri was going through some tough times and she still worried about others. God love her and keep her safe.
Subject: Hello

Hi , Got you email a couple of days ago. I will try to Catch you up now. I have some very bad news to tell you about my health. Really just found out for certian yesterday and today it was confirmed. I have terminal cancer. Its has started in my lung and is now in my brain. At first we thoiught it was Pneumonia. Then acute bronchitis and asthma. But exrays then cat scans and MRI's have confirmed the worst.I have been to a neurological surgeon, a lung specialist and today to the cancer specialist. so including the family doctor that makes four opinions. With out treatmnt I have 3-6 months. With it I have 3-12 months and no guarentee that I won't get very sick anyhow. I have chosen not to go through the radiation and chemo because of it. The odds are very poor. Radiation would be 5-6 weeks every day at between 30-50,000 and chemo once a week at approx 5,000 per treatment. I just can't see it with those odds. I want the time I have left to be not about all this treatment. I will have Hospice and they have great care for controling pain and helping the whole family to cope with it. Right now it is really hard to talk about with out breaking down. But eventually everyone has to know. Because it spread so fast surgery isn't an option. Well I am exausted so i will go lay down. Sorry to dump this on everyone, But there is just no getting out of it. My sister Mary is going to call Marie and have her tell the rest of Dan's family. probably tomorrow. Its a hard place to put them in but Dan is just exausted too and he really needs your prayers. Just know we both love you, Deannie

I wanted to share her last e-mail so that everyone might know what she was going through. Please pray for her soul; I know I will be calling on her to be my guardian angel. I told her how special it was to become so close to someone even though we never met face to face. I love her and I will miss her.

My Heart Breaks for Gerri

Posted by Juanita on 3/1/2004, 8:40 am, in reply to "My Heart Breaks for Gerri"

Jo, we will all miss Gerri and her sweet, sweet spirt, but we know that where she walks today, there will never again be fear of cancer or any other kind of pain. Her love has left a lasting legacy to all her knew her and her family will draw strength from this. My prayers are with her dear husband, children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren and her beloved fids.

Love, as Gerri gave to all and sundry, never ends. It is a true light in this world.

I'm with you Jo

Posted by Clare on 3/1/2004, 8:48 am, in reply to "My Heart Breaks for Gerri"

I got the same letter & it really tore my heart out. I felt so bad for her & her family. She did say one posotive thing to me though & that is not to worry because she was saved (A Christian term for believing that Jesus Christ died on the cross to save us & that we know we are a sinner. Also to ask him to come into your life completely) & that she knew she would be in a much better place w/ God. Midge wrote something very posotive under my post; Gerri is no longer w/ us. It's hard not to be sad, but what Midge had to say is so true. Check it out when you get a chance. I wasn't as close to her as you were, but I will miss her very much. Hugs, Clare


Re: My Heart Breaks for Gerri

Posted by chris on 3/1/2004, 11:20 am, in reply to "My Heart Breaks for Gerri"

Yes I was so sad this morning when I read about Gerri. I just cant believe she's gone. How we will never talk to her on this earth again . I feel bad for her family cause I know when my mom died, it was so devastating. She will be so missed.

Chris & Puff

Gerri's Eulogy

Posted by Jo Gall on 3/1/2004, 3:48 pm

My friend Suzy from the other board shared this with me and I wanted to share it with all of you.


Posted by Andrea in NY on 3/1/2004, 10:37 pm, in reply to "Gerri's Eulogy"

you know? I'm not a very religious person, but that really touched me.


Gerri (Deannie) my sister

Posted by Marilyn on 3/1/2004, 7:32 pm

This message is to all Gerri's good friends
on the Parrot Perch. I want to thank Clare
for her e-mail, e-card and link to this site.
I was able to read all the wonderful comments made about Deannie (Gerri). I know how much she enjoyed her bird chat rooms. She would call me or send me emails with tips and new information regarding the care of tiels. She was my sister and my best friend, her passing has left a hole in my heart and life. I cry, not for Deannie because I wouldn't want her to suffer, but for me and the rest of her family. We will miss her so much. She has gone to the Kingdom in Heaven and will be waiting for us there. I will be glad to give you any information you might need or want for a memorial page. For anyone who would like a copy of the Last Supper, I will be glad to email a copy that can be printed. The poem was written in her honor by her brother-in-law. God Bless you All.....Mary (Marilyn)


Welcome Marilyn

Posted by Ellen in Maine on 3/1/2004, 8:16 pm, in reply to "Gerri (Deannie) my sister"

If only it could have been under better circumstances. I am so terribly sorry for the loss of Gerri (Deannie). My heart goes out to you and your family at this time. We know what an incredible person she was online and she truly loved her family and pets.

I have been trying to work on her memorial page - but it has been hard. Anything you can send to me that would be helpful would be wonderful (click on the email address above). This has taken us all by surprise and we thought we would have more time to say goodbye. Clare was kind enough to send me a copy of the last supper by her BIL - and I found some nice photos in her webshots album.

Thanks for coming to The Parrot Perch. And please let us know how the family is doing - it looks like such a large and loving family - as well as her pets. I know her pets will miss her terribly - she loved them so much also.

Ellen in Maine

How blessed you were with a sister like Gerri who

Posted by Juanita on 3/1/2004, 9:00 pm, in reply to "Gerri (Deannie) my sister"

gave so much love to so many. What a legacy she left for her family. Only time will help with the pain of your great loss, but as it goes by, you will remember the legacy of love she has left for each of you. The great thing about love is that, it never dies. We were privileged to have Gerri as a part of our family and we grieve along with you. May the peace of God fill your hearts in the coming days.

My condolences to you and your family ...

Posted by Cathy and the girls on 3/2/2004, 12:34 pm, in reply to "How blessed you were with a sister like Gerri who "

I know how you feel. I lost my sister Carol last February and I still miss her.
Blessings to all,
Cathy and the girls

So glad you checked us out Marilyn!

Posted by Clare on 3/2/2004, 2:38 pm, in reply to "My condolences to you and your family ..."

As you can see, Gerri was much loved here. Ellen has been working very hard on a memorial for her & your family. Gerri was one beautiful lady & I'm sure you are proud to have had her as a sister! Clare


Posted by deb and the fids on 3/2/2004, 3:21 pm, in reply to "Gerri (Deannie) my sister"

My condolences to your family and all who knew Gerri. She will be missed.


all love and prayers to you

Posted by Midge on 3/2/2004, 4:53 pm, in reply to "Gerri (Deannie) my sister"

Marilyn, i'm so sad for the big space that Gerri going back home, has left you with,i hope you and all her family soon find peace, in the knowledge of Gerri's pain free new beginning, you are all in my prayers, Midge

Sorry to bring up sadness again but does anyone

Posted by chris on 3/2/2004, 12:15 pm

know what happened to Gerri's bird(s) and how many she had? I really can't remember. Thanks all.

Chris & Puff

I remember Gerri posting that she was teaching

Posted by Juanita on 3/2/2004, 12:41 pm, in reply to "Sorry to bring up sadness again but does anyone"

her husband how to shop and what to feed her babies when she thought she had pneumonia. She wanted him to know how to care for them in case she had an extended time in the hospital.

Re: Sorry to bring up sadness again but does anyone

Posted by Jo Gall on 3/2/2004, 12:56 pm, in reply to "Sorry to bring up sadness again but does anyone"

I know Gerri had Alfalfa, Darla and Peaches was her newest baby. Not sure if she had more

Re: Very Preliminary Memorial Page for Gerri

Posted by Dona in California on 3/2/2004, 2:05 pm, in reply to "Very Preliminary Memorial Page for Gerri"

This is a beautiful memorial to your beloved friend and bird lover. I am so moved by the lovely verse and poems and words from the heart that were posted in the memorial. I too, lost my mother a few years ago, and she loved my birds....I am sure she greeted Gerri with a loving hug and welcomed her to a place where now...she is whole, free of pain and suffering and loved beyond understanding....My sympathies to all who loved her and will miss her so deeply. May her memories help sustain you in your grief. Know that she is in a better place, happy and at peace....It is those who are left behind who must deal with the sadness and loss. But one day, you will see her again and she will welcome you with open arms.....God Bless all of you....

Hello, Dona, and welcome to The Parrot Perch.

Posted by Juanita on 3/2/2004, 2:13 pm, in reply to "Re: Very Preliminary Memorial Page for Gerri"

I know that you are no stranger to grief and we are very sad to have lost such a kind and loving person as Gerri. What a legacy she left behind and I am sure she is very busy greeting people and will certainly look for those who love birds such as your Mom and Serena.

Re: Very Preliminary Memorial Page for Gerri

Posted by Buddy&Weasel on 3/2/2004, 7:55 pm, in reply to "Very Preliminary Memorial Page for Gerri"

I've not been around lately - recovering from cancer myself - only to see this. I'm so very deeply saddened by the passing of Gerri... To realize I have been spared - and suddenly she was taken does something to me I can't explain.... I'm...I'm just so very sorry to all her friends - and especially her family. I know cancer can be beaten. Why didn't she even have a fighting chance? Gerri...I'm so sorry.........

Don't you DARE do that to yourself!!!!! Gerri would be

Posted by Juanita on 3/2/2004, 8:42 pm, in reply to "Re: Very Preliminary Memorial Page for Gerri"

the first to tell you to enjoy your life every day you are given. Yes, you can grieve for her family as all of us do, but never feel guilty, Karen, that your life was spared. There is a reason and perhaps we will never know why, but there is. You have paid your dues with all your treatments and the sickness it entailed. Gerri has taken on the wings of an eagle and mounted to the stars. She is indescribably happy now and only those of us left here feel sadness for the loss of her sweetness and her joy.((((HUGS))))) to my dear, sweet friend.

Goodbye Gerri

Posted by Matt Gimli Louis and Squeaky on 3/2/2004, 11:09 pm, in reply to "Very Preliminary Memorial Page for Gerri"

Let me start by saying very nice job on the site. I really like it.
February 19th... the day I got Gimli, the day my childhood friend died from a seizure and now a friend of the TPP dies on the very same day. I don't know either to bless the day for getting Gimli or to curse it. A hard and depressing this event is. For the 1 year passing of my friend, I used the day as more of a memorizing event, it is hard to remember someone alive in the good moments but we try. As Kevin Patrick Kelly once said "It is a struggle to find light in difficult and dark times but hope pierces through because it is enlivened by faith." So let us use our faith to remember Gerri as she was in the good moments and extend it to know that she is up there, looking down at all good bird owners and birds alike.
I prayed to Gerri, my friend Donald and Milou earlier, to keep each other company, as they all wait at the end of rainbow bridge. To welcome their loved ones.


Oh Ellen! The feeling of Love as i was reading was Over whelming! ...

Posted by kay & Topaz on 3/3/2004, 1:51 am, in reply to "Very Preliminary Memorial Page for Gerri"

I am sure Gerri is warmed by all the Beauty and Loving Thoughts entwined throughout all of your written Tributes. love, kay & Topaz

for Gerri's children.......

Posted by Juanita on 3/2/2004, 5:30 pm


I knew that one day she would have to leave
Taking with her all my security in belonging
Breaking our bond that was formed inside
Leaving me only memories upon which to cleave

Days of happy smiles and nights of peaceful sleep
Memories of wondrous meals and smells that filled the house
Reassurance when doubts and insecurity came my way
She was always there with comfort and to keep

My life on track when I would have gone astray
Leading with a velvet glove and letting me grow
Into myself and yet I felt her guiding hand
However far I might travel she would always stay

In our home where her presence was our solid rock
A foundation stone for all our lives upon which to rest
Unnoticed the years slipped by and then one day we knew
She would leave us soon, her days ticking by as hands upon a clock

She is gone now and the home became a house and deathly still
Yet as I walk about those rooms she filled with abundant love
I feel her presence abiding still within its' walls and floors
Her spirit clings to all her favorite things just waiting until........

We join our mother around the family table once again.




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