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Two New Visitors! Dial Up Beware

By Cathy & John, Queensland, Australia 


Put the food out this morning and noticed 2 Scaley Breasted Lorikeets in the gum tree waiting.  They must have been in before, but I just didn't notice them.


I'll just freshen up before I eat....


They've made it to the grevillea behind the feeder. The yellow feathers on the breast gives them their name obviously.


We'll just wait for that dog to move away a bit...


We always called them 'Greenies' when I was a kid. They were really, really common then, but the rainbows have edged them out a bit. Here sitting on the Baeckea.


You can see the size difference in this one. And of course no purple on the head.


The rainbows get aggressive to almost all the other birds but this little guy stood his ground.


Thank you Cathy & John for sharing your Parrot Humor and Fun Photos of your local wild birds, Scaley Breasted Lorikeets!

Photo Essay Created by Cathy & John, Queensland, Australia 11/21/2003

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All photos were taken by Cathy & John, Queensland, Australia  and are property of Cathy & John, Queensland, Australia.  They may not be used or reproduced without permission.    



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