Fun Photo Essays presents:

Nissa did it!!!

by Skybird


Kayla:   Here I am minding my own business, grinding my beak, sitting on my favorite night perch...


Cookie:   Attackkkk!! From above!!! Wak! Wak!
Kayla: Argghhhhhhhh!!!

Cookie:   Ma! I didn't do it!! It wasn't me!!! Honest!
(blowin' the smoke off my smokin' talons!! hee hee)


Cookie:  Attackkkk!! From the other side! Wak! Wak!


Cookie:  Maaaa!!  It wasn't me!!  It was another bird.  Prob'ly Nissa did it!!


Nissa1a_small.JPG (12841 bytes)

Nissa:  tweren't me!


Thank you Skybird for sharing your Parrot Humor and Fun Photos of your Moustache Parakeet Kayla  and Green Cheek Conure Cookie with us!


Photo Essay Created by Skybird 11/17/2003

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Photos were taken by Skybird of her own birds and are property of Skybird.  They may not be used or reproduced without permission.

Photo of Nissa taken by Ellen at of her own fallow green cheek conure.  It may not be used or reproduced without permission.



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