Fun Photo Essays presents:

The Tale of the Cat - Part 3

by Skybird




On the day the babies fledged, MamaCat got very defensive. "Don't you dare touch my Babies!"

And here I found them. Baby in the Rose Bush.

Ouch those thorns!

Baby Punkie Hair was found in a flower pot

Baby in the Flower Pot, hopping away

This baby was found in the Broccoli Bed.

All legs, no tail

MamaCat: Who wants that Photographer to go away? I do!

Mr. Catbird: Thanks for Visiting my Family


The babies are still in the yard. The parents have moved them towards the back overgrown area. I can hear them peeping for food, and then they sound like tiny jingle bells while being fed. If I go towards the back of the yard, the Catbirds come and scold and, believe it or not, Bark at me! When MamaCat becomes distressed, she will mew for her mate. I did spot one of the babies recently flying pretty well with about an inch of tail. He was flapping after Mr. Catbird, begging to be fed of course!

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Thank you Skybird for sharing your fun photos of the Catbird family nesting and fledging with us!

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