Fun Photo Essays presents:

Caedmon Hatching 
(and the beginning of it all)

by Harvest



The proud parents Tanzy and Jasper on one of their nightly scavenger hunts. Jasper the mom was our biggest bird - her yellow coloring is just gorgeous, and Tanzy is our smallest but for them it was love at first sight.


Then came the eggs (Jasper refused to go into any nest box, so we compromised by putting a cardboard tissue box into a cage. She liked the bedding that I put under the paper towels, but didnít like sitting on the bedding by itself and would only sit on it when I put paper towels down on it. I kept the cage moist with a lot of bathing bowls):


After three siblings here I come (ready or not)!


Itís hard work trying to get out of these things!

(If anyone is wondering, I had to stand on a chair leaning over the cage to get these shots but was THRILLED that Caedmon decided to "showboat" and come at a time when we were around and could see it and share in it).


Still working on it:


Protective mommy making sure that that strange sounding thing that blinks light doesnít get too close to me:



Almost there:



That was HARD WORK!!!!


Time to find the rest of the family (arenít we some of the cutest things youíve ever seen?):


Donít need these any more:


Itís dadís turn to check us out, and doesnít he look proud?


Mom and dad feeding us (weíre growing fast and weíre hungry!):


Getting bigger every day:


Ta Da!! (Arenít I a handsome fellow?):


 And here I am - all grown up!


Thank you Harvest for sharing your Fun Photos of your cockatiel chicks hatching!

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