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Flying feathers??

By Skybird


This is an old series - but I was perusing through my photo album and came across it. Thought you all might enjoy this one!


Just hanging out, Smoky and Squeak… lalala

Oh No! Fight Fight! Smoky wants Squeak's perch spot!

Hiss!  Squawk! 


Hiss Screech CHEEEP!!

squawk squawk!

(Mom in the background – “Hey hey HEY!!”)
Squeak and Smoky: Whhhaaaaat??? 

Well - who do you think won THIS scuffle (as she always does! LOL)


  Thank you Skybird for sharing your Parrot Humor and Fun Photos of your White Face Pearl Cockatiel, Squeak, and Pied Cockatiel, Smoky!

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