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Flin and Lily, and their Stick Fetish

by Cathy & John, Queensland, Australia


Tara and Lucas (2 doors up and Lily's mum and dad) just got officially engaged and have gone away to Byron Bay. So we're feeding Lily and exercising her. We went for a walk up the creek. Lily has a stick fetish and this is one she found


Flin likes to drag Lily into the water. 


There was a small king tide so the track was surrounded by water.


This duck just kept swimming closer to Flinnie - it wasn't in the slightest bit worried, even when she was splashing around.


Yay, we love running around in the water chasing sticks!


How about this stick mum!


I'm gunna DESTROY it!


I think I'll keep my distance thanks very much mum.


This is the smallest legal mud crab you're allowed to keep. It's 15 cm across the carapace but it's really the claws that count eating wise! Guess what I'm having for dinner tonight!?

Thank you, Cathy & John, for sharing your Parrot Humor and Fun Photos of Flin, a Staffordshire Terrier and honorary Parrot-dog, with us!

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All photos were taken by cathy & john, queensland, Aust of their own dog and are property of cathy & john, queensland, Aust.  They may not be used or reproduced without permission. 



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