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Saturday, February 24, 2018
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Name: Zac
Comments: Thank you so much for allowing me the opportunity to visit this site.
Saturday, January 8th 2011 - 06:16:10 PM
Name: Shane & Nancy Parsons
City/State/Country Eastport, NL Canada
E-mail address:  
Types of Birds: Newfoundland
Referred by: webring
Comments: very nice site
Homepage URL: http://www.whitesailsinneastport.com/birds.htm
Wednesday, December 15th 2010 - 09:09:37 AM

Name: Elizabeth
E-mail address:  
Comments:  I came across your site using the link from your face-pic site and Im glad I did. Im in Scotland and I just wanted to leave a short message encouraging you to keep on doing!
Sunday, November 21st 2010 - 03:53:44 PM

Name: Mike
E-mail address:  
Comments: Thanks for your site! BTW, this is very interesting site.
Sunday, November 14th 2010 - 06:09:41 PM

Name: Amy's Flock
E-mail address:  
Comments: Ellen,
Stopped by after trying to log onto the parrot perch. I never registered there but was lurking. Hope everything is ok. All I get is the message that the place is closed. I know you, sky, beth, and jan were still there....

I'm going to miss that place!
Saturday, October 23rd 2010 - 10:38:14 PM

Name: Dennis Daryl Shamblin
City/State/Country Oklahoma
E-mail address:  
Types of Birds: chickens pigeons pheasants quail
Referred by: google
Comments: Please read my bird website http://roostershamblin.wordpress.com/
Homepage URL: http://roostershamblin.wordpress.com/
Monday, August 30th 2010 - 04:15:31 PM

Name: matthew hoskins
City/State/Country uk
E-mail address:  
Types of Birds: all sorts
Comments: hello i was just wondering all the forum links on your web site are they all yours if there other ppls forums plz could you help us out and get it up and running by postong a link on your site plz http://birdkeepers.maxforum.org/ thankyou
Homepage URL: http://birdkeepers.maxforum.org/ thankyou
Thursday, July 8th 2010 - 06:36:01 AM

Name: Kaiden
E-mail address:  
Comments: Great job with all the new things added to the website. It is a pleasure to visit it. Happy day to All.
Friday, June 18th 2010 - 04:39:38 PM

Name: james
City/State/Country usa
E-mail address:  
Comments: hello
Thursday, December 3rd 2009 - 06:17:29 AM

City/State/Country YAKIMA,WA.USA
E-mail address:  
Types of Birds: COCKATIELS
Referred by: INTERNET
Wednesday, October 21st 2009 - 07:50:10 PM

Name: Linda Winslos
City/State/Country Lake Forest, Calif.United States
E-mail address:  
Comments: Hello Ellen when you have some birds please give me a call or email me so you can place a classified ad in Bird Talk. Keep in mind when you place your ad it is linked to www.birdchannel.com for FREE so this doubles your exposure for our online readers and readers that see your ad.

Thanks Linda sales representative Bird Talk.
Homepage URL: http://birdchannel.com
Thursday, June 4th 2009 - 12:36:48 PM

Name: Miles
City/State/Country San Diego, CA
E-mail address:  
Types of Birds: African Grey
Referred by: google
Comments: Just stopping by and wanted to say hi.
Homepage URL: http://www.birdsnow.com
Wednesday, April 1st 2009 - 09:41:36 PM

Name: Sarika Maharaj
City/State/Country South Africa
E-mail address:  
Types of Birds: Sun Conures
Wednesday, December 24th 2008 - 03:30:54 AM

Name: Cindy McGovern
City/State/Country Curwensville, PA USA
E-mail address:  
Types of Birds: cockatiel
Comments: I think your site is great! I am a recent bird owner. I've always loved birds outside but never was around one inside. I am a care giver and where I've been going for a year they have a common gray cockatiel. He and I have formed a mutual admiration society. I purchased a young bird 2 weeks ago. I really don't know much about them, but, I'm learning. Thanks for you web-site, cindy (Dr. Peepers person)
Friday, September 19th 2008 - 07:33:58 PM

  Tuesday, July 15th 2008 - 05:59:09 PM

Name: Amy
E-mail address: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Comments: your site is very good! I will wait for updates.
Monday, June 2nd 2008 - 07:29:48 PM
Name: Beverly Hearn
City/State/Country Hoover, Al USA
E-mail address:  
Types of Birds: cockatiel
Referred by: Alma H Twoxtack in Jacksonville,Fl
Comments: Alma didn't refer me to your site, I was just trying to find out more about baby cockatiels when I ran across your website. I just wish you lived closer to Alabama. I just moved from Jacksonville, Fl to Alabama, but am interested in getting a cockatiel as a pet, but I want to get one as a baby. I haven't been able to find any one that raises them close to Alabama or I just don't know what to look for. Could you recommend someone closer to Al than yourself? Any help will be greatly appreciated. I have greatly enjoyed your website. Thank you.
Wednesday, April 16th 2008 - 12:18:23 AM

Name: Casey Wright
City/State/Country Sea Lake/ Vic/Austrlia
E-mail address:  
Types of Birds: cockatiels, Peached faced love birds, Turquoise Parrot, Quails and Budgies
Referred by: Casey
Comments: Your Website is really good i like it and i think i might name it as my top 1 bird site. i am really into birds and love them !!! Birds are so cute!!!:):):)
Saturday, April 12th 2008 - 08:04:45 PM
Name: Cheryl Bailey
City/State/Country Fairdale,WV,US
E-mail address:  
Types of Birds: love birds,cockateils,parakeets,zebra finches
Referred by: yahoo
Sunday, February 17th 2008 - 06:41:19 PM

Name: misty leeanne tanner
City/State/Country darrington wa united states
E-mail address:  
Types of Birds: cockatiel
Comments: i love your website and have four adult cockatiels and four babies that hatched on janurary 16 2008. i have a wonderful time with them and hope to learn more about their care and habits
Friday, February 15th 2008 - 04:56:45 PM

Name: manobird
City/State/Country cairo
E-mail address:  
Types of Birds: Cockatiels/budgies-
Comments: Nice site and beautiful birds! I just want to say that I think that your site is a good site.
Tuesday, January 22nd 2008 - 06:52:57 AM

Name: Phoebe
City/State/Country Granbury/tx/usa
E-mail address:  
Types of Birds: at the time we are looking for that special bird
Referred by: a friend
Comments: I love the pictures and the names that really helped !!!!
Homepage URL: http://google.com
Monday, December 31st 2007 - 09:59:59 PM
Name: De'Andrea Verdekal
City/State/Country Scranton Pa.
E-mail address:  
Types of Birds: Love Birds
Referred by: Daughter
Comments: I'm a bird lover, I owned a lovebird for 7 years and my beautiful feathered friend Bonita passed on to bird heaven in July. My son just bought me a pair of peached faced birds. I will love them as much as I did Bonita. This is my first time visiting your site and wont be my last.
Thank You,
Thursday, September 20th 2007 - 04:35:14 PM

Name: Lisa Fuhrman
City/State/Country New Smyrna Beach Florida volusia
E-mail address:  
Types of Birds: pearl pied cockatiel
Referred by: na
Comments: enjoyed your web site
Wednesday, September 12th 2007 - 06:02:24 PM

Name: Jennifer
City/State/Country Akron/Ohio
E-mail address:  
Types of Birds: Quaker Parrot, Eclectus, Lovebirds
Comments: I love this website. I have a Quaker Parrot that I hand raised and weaned and an Eclectus. I also breed lovebirds and you can never stop learning!
Monday, September 3rd 2007 - 10:16:33 PM

Name: kaley snider
City/State/Country USA/San Bernadino/CA
E-mail address:  
Types of Birds: parakeet/love birds
Referred by: ?
Comments: It is a vary good website! I will come to it agen!!!!!
Thursday, August 2nd 2007 - 01:19:51 AM
Name: molly
City/State/Country texas
Types of Birds: parakeet
Referred by: cielo
Comments: hope you know things about parakeets ty 4 creating this website
Friday, July 6th 2007 - 08:08:35 PM

Name: molly
City/State/Country texas
Types of Birds: parakeet
Referred by: cielo
Friday, July 6th 2007 - 08:05:08 PM

Name: Christine
City/State/Country Centerville, UT
E-mail address:  
Types of Birds: finches, cockatiels, CAG, cockatoo
Comments: Ellie (and Josette), I am wonderng if this is your website? Thanks for creating it!
Wednesday, May 30th 2007 - 04:08:43 AM

Name: Carolyn Turner
City/State/Country Malta,Ohio USA
E-mail address:  
Sunday, April 15th 2007 - 11:55:41 PM
Name: zUzU
City/State/Country the bottom of the garden ...
Types of Birds: two adorable cockatiels ... er ... make that six ::sigh::
Referred by: googling "assisted hatching cockatiel"
Comments: I wanted to thank you for your page on assisted hatching ... Your site saved the life of one teensy very stressed egglet that needed help.

What was destined to be devastating, had a happy ending because of your pictorial & directions.

Peeping for two and a half days after I first saw the pip markings on the shell ... I knew something was very wrong. I googled for help and there you were!

Once I was brave enough I followed your description ... and opened a small hole in the shell over the pip marks at the air sac. My reward was a very happy chick that began to struggle and peep. I took it slowly and It was obvious that had I not assisted, this little one would have died. He was glued to the membrane which was shrink-wrapped to him. He was dehydrated to the point that he was wrinkled, but still fighting.

Long story shorter ... He was out of the shell in 30 minutes and standing on his own within an hour! What was the most facinating thing was that his two parents watched and paced in front of me the entire time. The moment he pushed himself out ... They began to jabber and whistle ... Touching him and then me.

I got the message. I was pretty happy too.

I placed the baby (and his shell) in with his three siblings and papa ran over immediately and started preening him. It was love at first sight.

Although only a day and a half old now ... So far so good! The oldest chick is a week old now and I already cannot imagine what it would be like not to have them all ... A delightful surprise.

Now if I could just find a bigger cottage. This one is getting crowded.

Many ::thankyous:: =^..^=zU
Homepage URL: http://zUzU.typepad.com
Wednesday, April 4th 2007 - 06:39:10 AM

Name: denis
City/State/Country haywad, ca, alameda
E-mail address:  
Types of Birds: cockatails, doves, parakeets, lovevirds, and finches.
Comments: i like your website is relly nice and it has alot of information that has helped me. right know i got 3 baby cockatails and 2 parakeets babys and iam really exited. well thank you for sharing your information with people like me that needs it you guys are great.
Thursday, March 22nd 2007 - 07:28:03 PM
Name: Linda
City/State/Country Cornwall, Ontario, Canada
E-mail address:  
Types of Birds: I have 7 budgies, 2 cockatiels, 6 finches
Referred by: Just browsing
Comments: Three of my budgies are babies from Kira and Little Cloud, one pair of our budgies. It was quite an experience to watch all that went on during their birth and growth. Also I prepared their food too that their mom fed them. I have had lovebirds a while back but not for a while. Also have had a canary in my life.
Tuesday, February 6th 2007 - 10:31:31 PM

Name: J. L. LeMone
City/State/Country United States of America
E-mail address:  
Types of Birds: Cockatiel
Referred by: Google
Comments: Ellen,

There are few humans who bother to get to know us cockatiels well. I am happy to say that you belong to that elite group. You put a lot of work into thie impressive web site. What a wealth of information, combined with links to humorous sites! I will make sure that my human reads them so she can take better care of me.


J. L. LeMone
Homepage URL: http://tielweekly.blogspot.com/
Saturday, January 13th 2007 - 12:44:35 AM

Name: Vickie e. Goushaw
City/State/Country S . Portland , Maine
E-mail address:  
Types of Birds: peachfacedlovebird
Referred by: google search
Comments: We had a frisky adorable lovebird that died just yesterday , I noticed he was in the bottom of the cage and fifteen minutes later it was over .I cant tell you how devistated I am . I handfed him since he was flffy and he was just hatched in july .
I stopped at the pet store to look at the others left from his brood but they just dont seem to have his personality , that is why I chose him in the first place .
I hoped you might be able to direct me where to find a bird with that specail something .My Six year old son thinks he is at the doctor and I would like to bring someone home .
Thanks Vickie
Saturday, November 25th 2006 - 06:30:51 PM
Name: Lori Manus
City/State/Country Nashville, Tennessee
E-mail address:  
Types of Birds: Cockatiels
Referred by: web search
Comments: I had two adult cockatiels who fell madly in love and produced 5 babies much to my surpise! I never had done this before and now I have four babies (one died). I have hand raised these adorable babies at two weeks old and they are now 3 months old. Loving and curious. I have never experienced anything like this! I have resarched on line and found good info, however, I wish I had found this site about 4 months ago. Thanks! Lori
Sunday, November 19th 2006 - 04:37:40 PM

Name: Simone Massinger
City/State/Country Waterdown, Ont. Canada
Types of Birds: Moustache Parakeet
Comments: I own a moustache parakeet also. Had to let you know how cute he/she was bathing,

Sunday, October 22nd 2006 - 11:54:24 AM

Name: sagarika
City/State/Country India
E-mail address:  
Types of Birds: Australian love birds which is showed on this site the main page
Referred by: your site
Comments: I took these pets (Male+Female) in the month of April from one pet shop. they were so lovable, initially they were not so friendly but after making love 2 them, playing with them they became very much close to us. but since last 15-20 days the female bird was sitting quite at one place so we thought that she will be alright after 1 or 2 days but she was not recovering then we thought she must be going to give birth to baby birds so she may not be so active and male was quite ok that time.

after few days even male started behaving the same way, use to sit at one place, they were eating their food but not like earlier days, they stopped playing and whistaling, we were worried so we asked the bird shop owner they suggested to give them calcium tablet mixed in the water, we did that also but unfortunately they died yesterday one after the other, me and my hubby still crying and missing them a lot, but when I saw your site, i understood it must be a tumour because they were looking very very fat since last 15-20 days. we use to keep their food in cage for 24 hrs (sunflower seeds, kang, Makwal what was told and given by shop keeper) please suggest me how to take their care as I want to take some more birds as I feel i lost my child and still I just can't come out of it.
Please write to me, suggest me advise me
Thursday, September 28th 2006 - 01:36:00 AM

Name: kayla williams
Types of Birds: parrots
Referred by: kayla williams
Comments: i love this website!!!!!!!!!!!
Friday, September 22nd 2006 - 10:46:48 PM
Name: Erin R.
City/State/Country Canada
E-mail address:  
Types of Birds: Canarys,Finches and Budgies
Comments: Hello
I think that your website is a great one.
Thank you for providing it.
I got lots of names off of it
Thanks again,
Friday, September 8th 2006 - 02:52:50 PM

Name: Starla and Thalia
City/State/Country Maine, USA
E-mail address:  
Types of Birds: Cocketiels
Referred by: Google Images
Comments: Hello Ellen,
We feel you are a kindred spirit. When you are feeling better we are hoping you can guide us as we have adopted two birds from the Coastal Humane Society and they are about to mate. Although they have been here a year, they still reject our touch. We know that their past might have been neglectful. We need help in terms of clipping their wings, trimming their toe nails, and supporting their egglaying. We are novices and seek warm support. We hope that your illness isn't too terrible and hope that you get better. Write us when you can.
Wednesday, August 23rd 2006 - 11:02:23 PM
Name: mosaddeq ahmed palash
City/State/Country DHAKA,, BANGLADESH
E-mail address:  
Types of Birds: love birds/ finch/ cockatiels

i know english, not good. i don't know, my letter have you got or not.i also don't know does you know or not know my country,"BANGLADESH". but i love birds very much. i also love nature, fishes and gardening.i, look your web but i don't know your e-mail address. i enjoy your web, it is excilent. i like birds, it is my hobby. it is not my profetion and i am not a rich man, but i think, ihave a rich mind. if anyone, e-mail me, i will be very happy. i have a small web. if you and other bird lovers, like you, visite my small web, and send an e-mail about my organigetion, iwill be very very happy.
again thanks you, for your beautiful web. my web is, www.agrohi.5u.com

mosaddeq ahmed palash,
Wednesday, August 23rd 2006 - 01:32:32 PM

Name: Carrie
City/State/Country las vegas nevada
E-mail address:  
Types of Birds: Cockateils
Referred by: friend and searching the web
Comments: Hello, I like reading your site. I have two cockatiels and they just had a baby cockatiel. The baby Hatched on 7/13/06. This was my females first time, having babies and her father is great to,. The mother is all yellow and the male different colors with lots of black. so any advice to helps us please let us know thankyou
Friday, August 18th 2006 - 09:09:49 PM

Name: Niko
City/State/Country Dallas, Texas
E-mail address: ~none~
Types of Birds: a grey tiel
Referred by: google
Comments: I love your site! My little girl was parent raised so she bites... Maybe someday I'll buy a cockatiel from you!
Homepage URL: http://none
Thursday, July 27th 2006 - 05:09:09 PM
Name: Roy Fryer
City/State/Country South Africa
E-mail address:  
Types of Birds: congo grey,amazon,bh caique and canary
Referred by: surfing
Comments: i enjoyed your site, especially the childrens drawings, so honest they are,thankyou Roy Astley Fryer
Homepage URL: http://birdart.org
Monday, June 19th 2006 - 01:36:36 AM

Name: tracy
City/State/Country usa/ logan utah
E-mail address:  
Types of Birds: 3 cockatiels
Referred by: engine site
Comments: I love my 3 babys there like my kids, but i got in to deep cuz they wantto be petted at the sametime, my only girl lexi is sick and the vet isnt sure whats wrong with her she has had two antibitic shots but her breathing is still weezy, i love your site and the information you provide thanks alot.
Wednesday, June 14th 2006 - 10:45:28 PM

Name: michellee
City/State/Country pleasanton ca. usa
E-mail address:  
Types of Birds: love birds
Referred by: internet
Comments: I am interested in a pair of love birds but not sure what kind. Right now I have a cocatoo and she about 30 years old. Great bird. I am interested in adding to our family. Can you tell me about them there temperment etc. How much do they cost? Thanks for your time. Michelle This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Tuesday, May 23rd 2006 - 10:39:53 AM
Name: melissa
City/State/Country summit ms
E-mail address:  
Types of Birds: teils
Comments: I have 3 teils 2 females and 1 male.I bought them all at the same time because I could't separate them, they are not related. I decided to put a nesting box for them and with in a week I saw the first egg.I have noticed that both females are laying in the same box and all 3 of them are sharing the work.Sometimes they divide the eggs between them and they all sit are some time 2 of them will sit and one takes a break. I found this to be strange.Is it normal?
Saturday, May 13th 2006 - 09:29:55 PM

Name: DeeDee
E-mail address:  
Types of Birds: Lutino,Cockatiel
Comments: I Love My Bird!
Thursday, April 20th 2006 - 01:30:51 PM

City/State/Country BOISE, IDAHO
E-mail address:  
Wednesday, April 12th 2006 - 12:30:24 AM
Name: Birdy
City/State/Country Australia
E-mail address:  
Types of Birds: Teils
Referred by: http://smileysbirds.proboards26.com/index.cgi
Comments: Great site love all the link.
Monday, March 20th 2006 - 11:26:39 PM

Name: Laurence O'Brien
City/State/Country Perth, Western Australia
E-mail address:  
Types of Birds: yellow/green clearwing -also olive budgies
Referred by: browsing at Midland library
Comments: You have a great site which includes some nice photos and good info.
Saturday, March 18th 2006 - 02:12:20 AM
Name: Marc
City/State/Country Adelaide, South Australia, Australia
E-mail address:  
Types of Birds: Budgerigars! (TOO CUTE!:))
Comments: I like your website since it has loads of pictures. I found your website while searching for images on google and your website had the most pics!. I am breeding my budgie.
Tuesday, March 14th 2006 - 01:17:23 AM

Name: Jason Tran
City/State/Country perth in Western Australia
E-mail address:  
Types of Birds: Two cockateils one is pearl white and the other one is pearl grey cockateil
Referred by: Jason Tran
Comments: I like your bird websites it is cool and awesome also you can buy bird on your websites like cockateils they are my favourite pet birds I ever had in my life they are awesome and cool also cute.
Homepage URL: http://www.yahoo.com.au
Tuesday, February 7th 2006 - 04:41:37 AM

Name: eriona
City/State/Country llugagjiu
E-mail address: jona_era
Types of Birds: vraniq
Tuesday, December 27th 2005 - 04:35:59 PM
Name: joe feuda
City/State/Country cherry hill, new jersey, usa
E-mail address:  
Types of Birds: cockatiels
Referred by: google.com
Comments: I decided to breed my cockatiels in the fall...to my surprise they started to mate and miraclously i had my first egg in 7 days...every other day another egg appeared until i had 5...then the waiting game started..on the 20th day i heard 'peep,peep' and Huey was born...both parents have been more than terrific...taking turn caring for the chick and the remainding eggs...it's been a real life pleasure to have bred these beauties....jjfeuda
Tuesday, November 29th 2005 - 10:11:55 AM

Name: Tiffany
City/State/Country Auburn, Maine
E-mail address:  
Types of Birds: Pied Cockatiel
Comments: hey ellen! it tiffany from colorguard! i finally got around to looking at your website! ites great! the baby cockatiels are soooo adorable!Im still trying to get my mom to let me get another one...maybe if i show her pictures....hmmmm....how much do u charge for the babes?

ps: do you have any tips on how to keep the nails short? because Jossey's nails keep getting long and they are getting caught on things...im just afraid she'll hurt herself. I have the sand paper around her perches, but shes out of her cage so often,she doesnt get to spend much time on them!any suggestions would be helpful.thanks!
Monday, November 28th 2005 - 03:18:41 PM
Name: Destiny Camire
City/State/Country New Hampshire
E-mail address:  
Comments: Hey..not sure if you remember me since it's been so long.. I was really good friends with Michael in 5th grade and i came over to your house alot, but then i moved.. I got a cockatiel awhile ago from you, Pika, and i remember she was a wonderful bird.. I miss her alot and i want to thank you for giving her to me then.. if you can email me or maybe give michael my email it would be great to hear from him after 3 years..
Saturday, October 1st 2005 - 11:00:01 PM

Name: Gaby
City/State/Country canada
Types of Birds: none
Referred by: my mom
Comments: Goodness me!! I am 15 and I have a terrible fobia of birds!! My mom found this site as a little prank to play on me!! WHOA I was crying when I saw some of theese pictures!! I think its amazing how you can help hatch your little friends!!I can't even look at them on the street with out having a melt down. :S But, I think seeing your pictures has given me some relife. I think lovebirds are actuially maybe just a little bit cute!! :D Not at all scary!!
Thank you sooo much! :D Have fun with your birds! take care
Thursday, September 29th 2005 - 03:33:26 PM

E-mail address:  
Types of Birds: OWL
Tuesday, September 27th 2005 - 12:58:01 PM
Name: debbie
City/State/Country Ontario, Canada
E-mail address:  
Types of Birds: Many varieties of farm fowl
Referred by: browsing
Comments: very nice birds.
Homepage URL: http://groups.msn.com/CANADIANCHICKENEGGSWAPPERS2/home.htm
Tuesday, September 20th 2005 - 05:19:48 PM

Name: kit intacto
City/State/Country philippines,manila
E-mail address:  
Types of Birds: african love birds
Referred by: by net
Thursday, September 15th 2005 - 12:39:07 PM
Name: kit intacto
City/State/Country phillipines,manila
E-mail address:  
Types of Birds: african love birds
Referred by: by net
Thursday, September 15th 2005 - 12:35:49 PM

Name: Bryan
City/State/Country Sydney /Australia
E-mail address:  
Types of Birds: Budgies
Comments: I Just LOVE rockey and tweety, i start crying because its so funny i want more pleas.
Sunday, August 21st 2005 - 03:05:41 AM

Name: Bob Hawkins
City/State/Country Sydney, Australia
E-mail address:  
Types of Birds: Budgerigars
Comments: I always appreciate an excellent and informative site such as this. Hope ypu may care to visit my site that is attracting considerable worldwide due to the unique content of this DVD, the only available that tells the complete story of the budgerigar.
Homepage URL: http://www.budgievideo.com
Saturday, August 20th 2005 - 06:03:18 AM
Name: yvonne graham
City/State/Country johnstown, PA
E-mail address:  
Types of Birds: parrot
Referred by: me
Comments: Dear Ellen: As u can see by this e-mail I am computer illerite. I am a 50year old female who is still trying to make her dream come true. I was wondering how to get an e-mail to you and this is as close as I've come. I surely hope you read and make fun in a positive way. O.K. Here's my dream.....For as long as i can remember I have always wanted to be a comedian...yes that's correct.........I believe I'm funny.I always crack people up and I love doing it. I've seen how you have taken everyday people and made them special......I know I might sound ridiculous but hey I'm 50 I don't have time to go around to comedy clubs and start there......Was wondering if you would at least e-mail me back and consider taking a risk on someone who believes in you and mostly herself. If you get this e-mail I will have accomplished a miracle...Love you Yvonne Graham
Thursday, August 18th 2005 - 09:51:21 AM

Name: Barbara A Mendonsa
City/State/Country Revere
E-mail address:  
Monday, August 8th 2005 - 09:39:58 AM

Name: Barbara A Mendonsa
City/State/Country Revere
E-mail address:  
Types of Birds: Tiels
Referred by: Tunes Talk
Comments: Would love to own a Pair.I also have aTiel
Monday, August 8th 2005 - 09:39:32 AM
Name: Kathy
City/State/Country Brooklyn, NY, USA
E-mail address:  
Types of Birds: 1 African Grey Timneh, 2 Cockatiels
Referred by: Random Websearch
Comments: Your site is wonderful -- informative and fun. The pictures (especially of the assisted hatches) are unbelievably well done. I really enjoyed my visit to this site.
Thursday, August 4th 2005 - 09:42:11 PM

Name: kell
Monday, August 1st 2005 - 01:48:09 PM

Name: Kelly
City/State/Country Whitwell/ Tennessee/ U.S.A.
E-mail address:  
Types of Birds: 4 cockatiels, 5 parakeets
Referred by: internet
Comments: we are getting two new cockatiels soon but had know idea what to name them this site helped alot!!! Thank You
Wednesday, July 13th 2005 - 04:32:43 PM
Name: maria Hernandez
City/State/Country dallas, Texas, USA
E-mail address:  
Types of Birds: parakeets
Referred by: internet
Comments: Thank you my young daughter received them as a gift and this site helps!!!
Tuesday, July 5th 2005 - 02:50:49 PM

Name: betsy bird lover
City/State/Country bixby oklahoma usa
Types of Birds: 1 cockatiel
Comments: best site ever
Wednesday, June 29th 2005 - 01:32:41 PM

Name: Sandra Choy
City/State/Country Calgary, Alberta Canada
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Types of Birds: 2 love birds
Referred by: just checking the internet for more info..
Comments: I was very happy to stumble on to your web site. I'm a new bird owner with love birds. I'm an advid gardner and I have a big love for birds these 2 seem to go hand in hand. The female is sitting on some eggs and I'm trying to do as much research to get ready for any of these that would hatch.
thanks again

Sandy in Canada (West) just north of Montana.
Monday, June 20th 2005 - 03:13:35 PM

Name: Nazu
City/State/Country Bangalore, India
Types of Birds: Four budgerigars
Comments: What a sweet website! And what a lovely idea to share your passion and expertise with birds to enable others to enjoy pet birds too. I really enjoyed going through your site (although I couldn't access the toy-making section which would have been fun.)
Homepage URL: http://HaikuNoodles.blogspot.com
Tuesday, June 14th 2005 - 01:54:51 PM
Name: Jenny
City/State/Country Canada
Types of Birds: Cockatil
Comments: This is a real cool website I really liked the pics and stories. I hope to read more about Kayla.
My cousin's liked the stories too. We all laughed at the funny ones.


Saturday, June 11th 2005 - 02:33:01 PM

Name: Michelle Sadumiano
City/State/Country Hawaii, Kailua-Kona
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Comments: Hey!Just wanted to know if we could be related.
My father is Hilario Sadumiano
My grandfather is Lucio Sadumiano

Hope you can write back soon!
Wednesday, June 1st 2005 - 04:17:20 PM
Name: Dawne Todd
City/State/Country Wichita, Kansas
E-mail address:  
Types of Birds: love birds and cockatiels
Referred by: Jeeves
Comments: I haven't yet gotten my pair of lovebirds, but will soon. I will send photo's when I get them. Can't wait!!
Tuesday, May 10th 2005 - 11:54:21 AM

Name: Peekaboo the Budgie
City/State/Country Gaylord, MI USA
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Types of Birds: Budgies
Referred by: A web ring
Comments: Tweet! Hello, just fluttered in to say hello! Your site is very nice, with lots of cute pictures of other birds just like me! I'd really like it if you could visit my website please :)
Homepage URL: http://www.geocities.com/budgieview/
Friday, April 1st 2005 - 02:27:05 PM
Name: Laura & Family Flock
City/State/Country Cole harbour, Nova Scotia, CANADA
E-mail address:  
Types of Birds: lovebirds, canaries, lovebirds, budgies, finches & African Grey Parrot !
Comments: Dear Friend,

I have centered my entire life around my husband, and our pet birds. I would love to exchange stories and ideas about birds with others who love their feathery bundles of joy too.

I have bird breeding experience, but I do not sell any of my chicks. Currently I am handfeeding two baby lovebirds. Donna was born on Dec.10th, and Diego on Dec.12th, 2004.

Emily, our African Grey Parrot is my pride and joy. And she helps me care for all of my other birds.

I would enjoy hearing from other people who would like to share ideas and stories about their pet birds.

E-mail me at: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Saturday, January 15th 2005 - 01:11:14 PM

City/State/Country Bursa TURKEY
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Comments: I love all kinds of birds but love birds have a speciality for me. Thanks for such a good site!
Friday, December 17th 2004 - 02:53:24 PM

Name: José Brambila Guardado
City/State/Country Colima, México
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Types of Birds: psitacidos
Comments: Thats is wonderful page. I would like o contact with people whom loves so much this kind of Birds. I have Love birds, australian parrots, cnanries and Japaneese canaries too.

Bye bye
Thursday, November 25th 2004 - 06:56:31 PM
Name: susan sadumiano
City/State/Country waikoloa unitedstates hawaii
E-mail address:  
Types of Birds: cocketails
Comments: im sorry to hear about your last web site but im glad you got another one well i just recently got a pearl cocketail and i love it!i never knew that birds could be so talkative and friendly but i still have alot more to learn about my new bird and im glad that you opend a web site like this with information about them thankyou
Wednesday, November 24th 2004 - 01:19:46 AM

Name: Jennifer
City/State/Country The Netherlands
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Types of Birds: Lovebirds
Comments: Great site! What is that thing that your Lovebird Pepper is wearing? it looks pretty funny! I am sure this is unique! Good luck with the birds and this website! Jennifer & Birds
Homepage URL: http://members.lycos.nl/Jennifer_mij_16/
Sunday, November 21st 2004 - 07:20:18 AM

Name: John O'Sullivan
City/State/Country Boston, MA
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Types of Birds: Cocketails
Referred by: google seach
Comments: Beautiful pictures of babies
Tuesday, November 2nd 2004 - 10:56:13 PM
Name: Skybird
City/State/Country New York
Types of Birds: Too many!
Comments: Nice updates on your website! Love the main border. :)
Friday, September 17th 2004 - 02:19:04 PM