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Saturday, February 24, 2018
Pet Bird Names Pet Bird Names S

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Sabastian Shiloh Sparrow
Sabina Shinju
(Pearl in Japanese)
Sabrina Shira Spellbound
(Pronounced sayda)
Shishka Spencer
Sadie Shonna Spice
Safey Short Boy Spicy
Saffrin Shredder Spike
Saffron Shrek Spinelli
Sage Shuri Spinner
Sahale Shuvuuia Splash
Salhe Shylee Spooky
Sally Shylow Spot
Salome Sid Spotch
Salt Sidi Spotlight
Salterella Sidian Spritz
Saltine Sierra Sprout
Sam Silky Spud
Sammi Silver Hawk Sputzie
Sammy Silverwind Squawk
Sampson Simba Squeak
Samson  Simon Squeakers
Samuel Simone Squeaky
Sandra Anne Sinclair Squiggy
Sandy Sindy Squirt
Sangria Sing Sqweeks
Santos Singy St. Francis
Sapphire Sir Excalibird Star
Sara Siren Star Bright
Sarah Sirius Star Buck
Sarge Skeeter Starburst
Sarina Skip Stardust
Sartre Skipper Starfire
Sasha Skippy Starlyte
Sassafras Skitter Starr
Sassie Skittles Starshine
Sassy Skweeler Stella
Saturn Sky Stephen
Savanna Sky Blue Sterling
Sayona Skye Steve
Scamp Skylar Stitch
Scarlet Skyler Stony
Schotzie Smarty Pantz Storm
Schubert Smitty Stormie
Scooby Smokey Stormy
Scooter Smoochie Stripes
Scout Sneezey Sugar
Screech Snow Suki
Sebastian Snow Job Summer
Seneca Snowball Sunflower
Serena Snowflake Sunny
Serenade Snowy Sunny Baby
Serendipity Snuggles Sunny Boy
Serenity Socrates Sunrise
Sesame  Sol
(means sun in Spanish)
Shadow Solandia Sunshine
Shadow Wing Solar Sunspot
Shaelo Solo Superbird
Shakespeare  Soneio Suri
Shakti Sonia Susy
Shamrock Sonnet Suzette
Shaniah Sonny  Swack
Shanna Sophie Sweedie
Sharpy Sora Sweet Cheeks
Shatiqa Sorin Sweet Daisy
Sheera Sorrow Sweetie
Sheila Sounder Sweetie Pie
Shelby Spanky Sweetpea
Shep Sparkey Sweetums
Sherbert Sparkle Swinger
Shila Sparkler Sydney
Shilo Sparky Synbad


Posted On
Dec 28, 2011
Posted By
kasey maher
+1 a good name for a pet bird
i personally have a good name for a pet bird, like if you have an African Grey parrot, you could name it silver moon, or if you have a black colored bird you could name it night strike or dark slash if you want a cool and tough name for a bird... ^^
Posted On
Nov 12, 2012
Posted By
Another Name
What about Snowman or Snowella? Personally I think that it should be about what colour the bird is
Like I have 2 rabbits one is a multi colored and one is brown the multi coloured one is called caramel because it is kind of caramel colours and the brown one Is called chocolate
Posted On
Mar 28, 2013
Posted By
I had a Green Pacific Parrolet female named Sweet Pea. Loved her! Have trouble not naming every other parrot after her the same name, I was so fond of her! Also a lovebird named Pookie.
Posted On
Apr 10, 2013
Posted By
Janell Scott
RE: Pet Bird Names S
How about adding Coach? I named my grey male Coach. I see that Joker is listed. I named my white face cinna pearl/pied female Joker. She just turned 7 on April 2.
Greg and Sport are additional suggestions. Thanks!
Posted On
Apr 10, 2013
Posted By
Janell Scott
RE: RE: Pet Bird Names S
I don't know how my subject line came up as S names. I did not type that.