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Monday, February 19, 2018
Pet Bird Names Pet Bird Names R

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Raazi Rayna Ritz
Rachel  Razi Riva
Rachelle Razmus Robert
Radcliff Razzle Dazzle Robin
Radley Rebecca Rocco
Rae Rebekah Rocker
Raegan Reed Rocket
Rafael Regan Rockey
Rafferty Regis Rocko
Raffle Reid Rockwell 
Rafiki Reiko Rocky
Ragin Rembrandt Rocky Road
Rahbu Remus Rodin
Rahni  Remy Rody
Raily Rena Roger
Raina Renata Romeo
Rainbeau René Roo
Rainbow Renee Rory
Raindrop Renoir  Rosa
Rainier Rex Roscoe
Raissa Reyna Rose
Raj Rhapsody Rosebud
Rajah Rhesus Rosie
Raleigh Rhett Rosita
Rambo Rhianna Rossinie
Ramon Rhiannon Rosy
Ramona Rhona Rowan
Ramone Rhys Roxanne
Ramsey Rhyssa Roxi
Rana Rianna Roxie
Randi  Ricco Roxy
Ranger Richard Rubin
Raphael Richy Ruby
Raptor Ricky Rudy
Rascal Rico Ruffian
Raspberry Rikki Ruffles
Raulito Riley Rufus
Raven Ringing Rudy Rusty
Ravena Rio Ryan
Ray Rissy Rydia
Rayelle Rita Rylie


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Dec 09, 2011
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-1 hi
I am in love with cockatiels. I am getting for Christmas[lutin o]. I get to go see it this Saturday. It's only 4 weeks. It is a male and out of all the names on this website would probally be Romeo. Thanks so much !
From Jorgia
Posted On
Mar 30, 2013
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RE: Pet Bird Names R
I am waiting on my baby sun conure and I think I am going with the name rio, its a very colorful bird and I wont know its sex so this a name for either one.
Posted On
Jul 11, 2013
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RE: Pet Bird Names R
I thought of a cool name to put down it is retrice it means spinner in Latin and Luna if u have a white bird that means moon in Latin .....
Posted On
Jul 11, 2013
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RE: Pet Bird Names R
I have 2 names that would go good on the list Luna which is motion Latin and retrice it means spinner in Latin ..............thank you