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Saturday, February 24, 2018
Pet Bird Names Pet Bird Names J

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Jack Jaylyn Jody
Jack Frost Jazzie Joelle
Jackie Jazziebell Joey
Jacob JC Jojo
Jacque Jeeves JoJo
Jadah Jeff Joker 
Jade Jefferey Jolly
Jaden Jelly Bean Jordy
Jafar Jellybean Jose
Jake  Jellybelly Josetta
Jako Jellygurl Josie
(means Bird of Light)
Jellyroll Joslen
Jam Jenn Joy
James Jenna Jude
Jamie Jennifer Juicy
Jane Jero Julep
Janell  Jerri Julia
Janie Jerry Julian
Janus Jess Julie
Jasmaien Jesse Juliet
Jasmine Jessie Juliette
Jason Jester Julio
Jaspa Jet Julio Egglasias 
Jaspar Jewel Julius
Jasper Jill Jumbo
Java Jimbob Jumpsies
Jaws Jitterbug Junior
Jax Jo Juno
Jay Jock Jupiter 
Jaye Jodie Justyn


Posted On
Nov 11, 2011
Posted By
-1 Canary
I named my Yellow song Canary Jean-luc. took the name from the actor from Star Treck Next Generation. LOL Captain Jean-luc I did not add the last name: Picard...but you could, or just call him Mr. Picard. My Canary has a smooth head and reminded me of the captain of the episode... BALD!... LOL! anyways... hope someone likes that. Wanda
Posted On
Jul 17, 2013
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Another name
I named my normal grey/pied male cockatiel Coach. How about adding that to the list? Thanks!