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Saturday, February 24, 2018
Pet Bird Names Pet Bird Names B

If you have any new names you would like to see added, please submit them in the comments below. And feel free to share any thoughts you have about our name pages.

Since the number of pet bird names has grown, it is now organized alphabetically by page. By clicking on the letter below, it will take you to the page with names starting with that letter.

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B.B Biddy Bootsie
Baby Biengiat
("ben-yay", a New Orleans pastry)
Baby Alex Big Ben Bordeaux
Baby Beak Big Bird Boris
Baby Blue Big Daddy Bosco
Babydoll Big Mamma Bosley
Bacchus Bilbo Bow
Bach Billabong Bowie
Bailey Bingo Boyd
Baily Binks Brady
Bam Bam Binky Brahms
Bama Bird Brain Brandi
Bamboozle Birdie Brandon
Banana Birdito Brandy
Bandit Birdo Bree
Banditt Birdymac Breeze
Barnabas Birdzilla Breezy
Barney Biscuit Brent
Bart Bitsy Briana
Bartlett BJ Brianna
Bashful Black Jack Bridget
Baxter Blaire Brighty
B-chan Blastin Blue Britney
Beacon Blaze Brittany
Beads Bliss Brody
Beak Blizzard Bronco
Beaker Blondie Bronson
Beaky Blossom Brooke
Beaners Blue Brownie
Beau Blue Jet Bruce
Beautiful Blue-Bell Bruiser
Beauty Blueberry Bruno
Bebert Bluie Bruse
Beethoven Blurr Bryce
(for a bird who likes to
hang upside down a lot)
Blush Bubbles
Belle Bo Bo Bubby
Bells Bob Buckwheat
Ben Bobaronie Bud
Benjamin Bon Buddy
Benji Bongo Marie Budgie
Bennie Bonita
(means beautiful)
Benny Bonnie Buggs
Beowulf Bonzo Bugnose
Bernie BooBoo Bumblemuffin
Berrie Boo-boo Buttercup
Berry Booge E. Regar
(Mr. Regar)
Bethany Booger Buzz
Betsy Boomerang Buzzy


Posted On
Mar 22, 2013
Posted By
Chet Trupek
I just purchased a Beautiful Blue Budgie
and we will name him.. BLUEBOY

You could add his name to your B-List
Posted On
Aug 24, 2013
Posted By
RE: Pet Bird Names B
I named my 2 parakeets, Axel and Beezle. I just enjoy saying the words. Add
Posted On
Nov 28, 2013
Posted By
RE: Pet Bird Names B