For the Love of Birds: Babies

5 Babies

We have a variety of cockatiel mutations. While we enjoy having such different aesthetically pleasing colors, our birds are bred and trained primarily for pet quality. We want our birds to join your family as sweet and cuddly companions.

When you come to the bird room in our home, you will meet weaned and unweaned babies, as well as our own pets. You are welcome to reserve an unweaned baby for 20% and you may pick him or her up as soon as they are clearly weaned and gaining weight. Payment in full is necessary before a bird can leave our home. You must also have a safe cage or carrier to transport your bird(s) home because we do not put them in small pet store type boxes. We also do not sell cages.

We will not sell an unweaned baby under any circumstances. If a baby does regress, please contact us immediately and we will continue to handfeed and rewean. This has happened twice in spite of our precautions. Please understand that a baby who has regressed can die if this is not addressed.

Each baby comes with a small supply of seed and pellets. This allows you time to convert them to the seed and pellets you plan on feeding them or obtain the ones we currently feed them. We supply complimentary wing clips prior to leaving for their new home.

We are also available for support for birds purchased from us. We are quite willing to discuss any aspect of your birds' development and care. Also, feel free to contact us to share special stories and experiences about our birds. We love to hear them!

One thing I must add, I do not wish to hear that you want another bird because the dog or cat ate your last one, or drowned in a open and full pot of water in your sink or in your toilet, or you left a window open and the bird flew away, and other horror stories such as these. To be honest, I won't allow you to purchase another one. And it makes me physically ill to know a preventable death of one of my babies that I raised from tiny chicks has occurred. I know mistakes can happen, but please don't ask.

On a more positive note, when our babies leave our home, they are used to being handled, cuddled, and treated as pets. Please be sure to take them out of the cage when you get home and start your new lives together immediately.

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