2 Whiteface

The Whiteface cockatiel is derived from the autosomal recessive gene, therefore both parents must carry the gene. This mutation creates the inability to produce the yellow and red colors on the feathers.

On a Grey Whiteface adult male, the body colors are a charcoal gray, the face is pure white, and white bars down the wings.  There are no orange cheek patches.  On the juveniles and adult female, the body is a charcoal gray with a light wash of white on the face, white tail barring, white bars down the wings and also no orange cheek patches.   This mutation can occur with other mutations producing a beautiful variety of white and dark color birds.

One type of Whiteface is often called Albino.  It is actually the whiteface gene occurring with the lutino gene.  The lutino gene creates the inability to produce melanin (dark) feathers while the white face gene creates the inability to produce lipochrome (yellow and reds).  The result is a stunning all white cockatiel with red eyes and pink feet and no orange cheek patches.

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