3 Lutino Babies

The Lutino Cockatiel is derived from a sex-linked recessive mutation where melanin (gray colors) are not present. They have the most beautiful pale yellow feathers that some people say are white.  The females and juveniles have a slightly deeper wash of yellow where the tail barring is.  The males have a deeper yellow face.   They have red eye buds when hatched and beautiful red eyes as adults that sometimes deepen to a slightly darker red.  They have pinkish-beige feet and legs.

The Lutino cockatiels can mix with other mutations to produce some beautiful effects.  Lutino pearls will have the pearling in a slightly darker yellow on top of the pale yellow.  The pied mutation has deeper yellow pied marks on the pale yellow.  The whiteface lutinos are sometimes known as albinos because there is all white feathering, no orange cheek patches and have red eyes.

Sometimes you will find all yellow birds with dark eyes.  These are known as Clear Pieds because they are technically pieds not lutinos.

Lutino cockatiels have also been known as Moonbeams.

This mutation was developed in captivity and does not occur in the wild. 

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