Updated Web Site

I guess it was about time. This site has been pretty much the same since April 2001. I have been designing sites for others, but changing For the Love of Birds is like making over a long and dear friend. This was my very first web site and I learned so much making it and adding to it over the years. I also made some wonderful friendships as a result of this site, which was such an unexpected bonus.

So what has changed? The look, obviously. There are some of the same and some added content. Please take a look around and let me know what you think. If you find any errors or problems with things working correctly - please let me know. Better to have someone tell you that you have spinach in your teeth than to continue walking around not knowing.

Some things are still here.

  • The Pet Bird Name Page. 1200 new names have been added thanks to all those who sent in their favorite names for pet birds.
  • The Memorial Pages. Those are the special pages for dear friends I met because of friendships formed due to our common interest in pet birds. They will never be forgotten.
  • Fun Photo Essays. These were created before YouTube Became so popular. Sometimes only pictures can tell the story - usually the celebration of our lives with pet birds. These are under construction.
  • My own Preowned Pets/Rescues pages which will be much more accessible, but are currently under construction
  • And much more.

What has changed?

  • First the look.
  • The available birds.
  • Much more will be coming. I am hoping to make this site more inclusive for our users to include more Children's and Teen drawings, more Photos and Videos of other people's pet birds, more info on Lost birds, info on Adopting Preowned birds and Special-needs Birds.

Please feel free to leave any suggestions in the comments below of what you might like to see on this site. Thanks!

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