Cockatiels Available

two tiels

Handfed/Tame Baby Cockatiels for $100 and a pair for $180

I finally have some baby cockatiels available!  I let the parents breed with their self-selected mates in their own time frame.  I believe it creates a more loving environment.  Unfortunately, that meant not having babies available sooner. But I have some sweeties available now and some that are due to be ready in a few weeks.

Come for an appointment, and get sweet and cuddly baby cockatiels. Many are "fancy" mutations like: cinnamon, pearls, whiteface, lutino, pieds, or pure white, although there some beautiful "normal" grays also.

Cockatiels are unlike many other species of parrot. With most species, they will either bond to you or bond to another bird. Cockatiels are such social creatures that they can be bonded to you and your family, while also keeping each other company during the day while you live your busy lives. Since they have such social needs, it is recommended you get two.

So send me a message via my Contact Form and we will make arrangements for an appointment. Please remember, I do not ship. Prospective human companions need to meet with the tiels before they leave my home.

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