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Saturday, February 24, 2018
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Grey Male

The "Normal Grey" cockatiel or "Wild Type" is found naturally occurring in the wild from the continent Australia.  They have dark grey feathers covering their entire body, except for a yellow face if an adult male, and yellow barring on tail feathers if an adult or juvenile female  or a juvenile male.   They also have creamy white bars down each wing on either males or female and bright orange cheek patches.  It is difficult to determine whether they are males or females when they are young, before their first adult moult, because they both appear to be females.  Many grey cockatiels also have yellow patches on the back of their heads and sometimes on other parts of the body.  This means they are carrying the recessive gene for the pied mutation.

Cockatiels, also known as Nymphicus hollandicus, are also the smallest cockatoos as can be seen by the crest at the top of their head which moves up when they are surprised or excited or down when they are relaxed.  Males are typical more vocal, more likely to talk and have more complex vocalizations than females.  However, I have a number of female cockatiels that beg to differ.

Normal Gray cockatiels can make wonderful pets.  Many from my flock have gone on to be the most loving, charming and talented cockatiels of all!

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